Friday, January 24, 2020

"Dragons Riders of Berk"

This sequence starts with an underwater up shot in a river full of eels.
 Hiccup falls into the river and breaks through the surface causing the eels to part.
 Hiccup floats down closer to cam. eels shoot past cam.Cut w/action
 Meanwhile Toothless suffering from an eel that smacked his face, struggles with an allergic reaction.

 Toothless Fall O.S. We cut w/action
 Cut to low angle just above the river's surface.
 Toothless comes in Fast.

 He splashes down just in front of cam. filling the screen. We cut w/action
 Cut back under water, eels are filling and passing cam.
 The eels part revealing Hiccup disoriented trying to get his bearings.
 Eels start swirling around him, coming in closer and closer.

 The eels start to encase Hiccup.
 Eels fill screen. Cut w/action
 Cut to down shot of Hiccup inside the swirling ball of eels.
 He tries to swim up toward cam and escape but eels block him.
 Eels fill screen. Cut w/action.

 Cut back to Hiccup with his eyes closed, eels swirl even tighter around him.
 He opens his eyes.
 We cut to his P.O.V. of eels, he feels claustrophobic.
 Eels right on cam. They fill screen. Cut w/action.
 Cut to extreme close up of Hiccups eyes. He's close to panicking.

 He looks for a way out.
 Cut to his P.O.V. More eels super close.
 Eels fill screen. Cut w/action.

 Cut to exterior of eel ball.
 Suddenly O.S. toothless fires on the eel ball.
 The eel ball starts to loosen. Cut w/action

 Cut to extreme close up on Hiccup's eyes. He sees the light
 He looks O.S.

 Cut to his P.O.V. just as eels part to reveal Toothelss. he antics to charge in.Cut w/action

 Cut to exterior of eel ball, we see a Hiccup through a small opening.

 Suddenly from behind cam. Toothless Fires and barrels in past cam FAST.
 A trail of turbulence and bubbles flood past cam. Cam. shake w/action.
 Toothless fires at the eels again.
 The eel ball breaks wide open.
 Toothless swims in and grabs Hiccup.
 Toothless quickly protects Hiccup with his wings and blasts at eels coming in.

 We cut in when a eel comes in close.
 Toothless spots it.
 Forgetting that he's allergic, He chomps it in have and swallows the other half be mistake.

 The eel piece floats O.S.
 Toothless and Hiccup realize what just happened.
 They look at each other for a "OH CRAP" moment.
 Hiccup motions that then need to go up to the surface.

 Hiccup goes to climb onto Toothless's back. The eels quickly envelop them again.
 Eels fill screen Cut w/action
 Cut wide to see the the eels have surrounded them in a large ball again..
 Suddenly Toothless's blasts from within, his fire shooting rays into the water.
 The eel ball bursts open.

 Toothless in that second, shoots O.S. and escapes to the surface
 End of sequence.